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How to use Shortcodes


There are quite a few shortcodes available in KingSize WordPress. Most of which can be seen on this demo „Shortcodes“ page. Shortcodes are designed to make adding certain options and features a little less difficult and time consuming sifting through code. […]

How to use Shortcodes2012-08-20T23:08:25+00:00

How to create Sliders


Using Sliders can now be used on all and any pages/posts. In previous versions of KingSize WordPress, this was restricted to only the homepage – hooray for updates! To learn more about Homepage Background usage, checkout our Tutorial on „Background Sliders and Background Videos“ for the purpose of homepage usage. In this tutorial though, we [...]

How to create Sliders2012-08-20T22:09:20+00:00

How to create Portfolios


The purpose behind Portfolios is to add multiple projects with the use of additional details and essentially to help showcase your work. Portfolios can serve many purposes, such as: Showcase your past and current Projects. Showcase your photography sessions. Showcase your traveling / adventures. Outside the box usage: Shopping Carts. Outside the box usage: Product [...]

How to create Portfolios2012-08-20T20:20:44+00:00

Galleries vs. Portfolios


It’s a commonly question we are asked: [blockquote]What’s the difference between Galleries and Portfolios?[/blockquote] Galleries These are single page collections of images that when clicked will open in lightbox to display the images you’ve chosen to upload / attach to that Page/Post. There is no pagination and you cannot assign links to Gallery images so [...]

Galleries vs. Portfolios2012-08-19T04:02:13+00:00

How to create a Gallery


*Since the release of WordPress Version 3.5 the method of adding media files has changed a little. Mostly, the user-interface has been modified and causes some confusion. We have created some additional (updated) tutorials that will help. WordPress 3.5 – How to create Galleries with Shortcodes. WordPress 3.5 – How to create Galleries with Page [...]

How to create a Gallery2012-08-18T17:56:50+00:00
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